Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Buck Starts Here

This weekend, the unthinkable happened. No, I'm not talking about the Badgers winning in Iowa City. I'm not even talking about the Packers gritty performance on Sunday night. I went above .500 with my NFL picks this weekend! Can you believe it? Of course Kyle found a way to beat me again but I'll take any small victory that I can get. I'm still way below .500 overall, so I'll spare you my analysis for now, but I'll show you how it happened and then talk about some other less important things. By the way, me picking against the Packers two weeks in a row truly is a sign of the apocalypse.

Week 7: (DAVE) (KYLE)

Cincinnati @ ATLANTA (-3.5)
WASHINGTON @ Chicago (-2.5)
Jacksonville @ KANSAS CITY (-5.5)
SAN FRANSISCO @ Carolina (+3.5)
Buffalo @ BALTIMORE (-13.5)
Arizona @ SEATTLE (-5.5)
NEW ENGLAND @ San Diego (-2.5)
OAKLAND @ Denver (-6.5)

This week/Overall:
Kyle: 10-4/55-49 (5-0-2)
Dave: 8-6/49-55 (0-5-2)

*NOTE - I realize that I made a mistake in my last post and forgot to account for the week 5 picks, so I edited the prior post and it should be accurate now. Usually my Mom picks up on my mistakes but it looks like that one slipped by her...

Alright. There's a lot to get to in Wisconsin sports, including a smashing weekend of football where the Badgers and Packers did the unthinkable and actually both finished a game! Let's start with Wisconsin, who I predicted in the beginning of the year to lose two games, one of them being Iowa. Therefore, I didn't really expect the Badgers to walk into the heartland and come back to the real world with a victory. Once again, Bret Bielema proved all of us wrong and led the now 10 ranked Wisconsin Badgers to a heart-stopping 31-30 victory behind some huge 4th down conversions. I still believe that there are some issues on defense excluding J.J. Watt, but to able to survive such a tough game on the road without guys like Chris Borland, James White, Lance Kendricks and Nick Toon is astounding. It also took some massive cojones to call that fake punt, but Iowa made it pretty easy by basically only rushing two men. Since Wisconsin had three blockers staying back, punter Brad Nortman followed the unoccupied linemen down the field for the first down. The Badgers never looked back, and now they are set up nicely for the rest of the season, with the only challenge in my mind to be the game at Michigan on November 20th. Read more about what I had to say about the game over at the Badgers Blog on jsonline if you please.

So kind of like the week before, I would have been totally fine escaping the weekend with Badgers victory and a Packers loss. Ha! Yeah right! The Vikqueens were comin' to town, and we all know what that means. That's right: Ryan Longwell was back yet again ready to try and lead Minnesota to victory. Now I'm not really sure what the Packers did to deserve winning this game, but some guy wearing number 4 on the other team used just enough wrapping paper and the Packers pulled out a HUGE HUGE HUGE win, 28-24. That puts Green Bay in a tie for first place...really? Seems impossible the way we've been playing lately, but I guess I'll take it. With the Bears playing even worse than the Packers and the Vikings quarterback left with a fractured ankle, things don't really look all that bad. The Jets will be quite a test in week 8, but if the Pack by some miracle squeeze one out in New York and then take out a Romo-less Cowboy team, I would be ecstatic with a 6-3 record going into the bye week. Realistically, I'll take 5-4 and then gear up for the home stretch with as many healthy bodies as we can muster (Bigby, Harris, Pickett).

Enough football...the NBA is starting back up! You know what that means. It's time for the Milwaukee Bucks season preview (I told you there was a lot to get to in this post). This is the first year in awhile where fans have something to get excited for when it comes to Bucks basketball. Fans have to be pleased about what the organization did over the off-season. They re-signed some key players involved with last year's playoff run in John Salmons and Carlos Delfino. They addressed their frontcourt issues through the draft, trade and free agency by drafting Larry Sanders from VCU and Darington Hobson from New Mexico, trading for Jon Brockman (the Brockness monster and the white guy seen here) and signing Drew Gooden. Finally, a back up point guard had to be acquired after the loss of Luke Ridnour via free agency, so Milwaukee went out and signed Keyon Dooling (good size, experience). And this doesn't even cover all the moves! Earl Boykins is making his second go-around in Milwaukee, Corey Maggette arrived after the Bucks shipped out Charlie Bell and the flying Dutchman, and Chris Douglas-Roberts (out for a few games with an eye problem) was traded for. You might be wondering who else could possibly be on the Bucks' roster...

The main attraction:
PG - Brandon Jennings

The rookie sensation from a year ago is back for at least two more years after the Bucks picked up his 2011-2012 option. This guy is fun to watch and a good enough reason by himself to tune in and watch the Bucks. Hopefully the sophomore slump can be avoided and Jennings will grow from the playoff experience he received to help lead Milwaukee back to the post-season.

The thunder from down under:
C - Andrew Bogut

Things were rolling for the Bucks last season...the John Salmons trade jump-started the season, Jennings was doing more than expected as a rookie and Bogut was having the best year of his career...until this happened (warning: it's gross). When I saw this happen live, I got pretty squeamish for a couple of reasons. Besides the obvious one, I knew the Bucks no longer had any shot at making a deep playoff run. Thankfully, the big Australian is back and healthy, so now it's just a matter of duplicating his numbers from a year ago...and AVOIDING INJURY.

Eastern hemisphere role players:
PF - Ersan Ilyasova

My favorite Buck. Why? He can hit the trey ball and he's an awkward looking white guy like me. But that's not all...his ceiling is high and his development is coming along nicely. Definitely played a key role last season and hopefully he's in Milwaukee for a long time to come.

PF - Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

The prince's role (yes, he's actually a prince) may be diminished this season because of all the additions to the frontcourt, but you know you're going to get 100% from Luc each and every night. I don't expect him to be back after this season, but don't be surprised to see Mbah a Moute to step up when he's needed.

Yup. He's still here:
SG - Michael Redd


*NOTE - Redd is out until at least February. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

Now you know your 2010-2011 Milwaukee Bucks. Last season, the Bucks went 46-36, which was good for 6th place in the East. With the Eastern Conference being completely loaded now that LeBron and Chris Bosh joined Wade in Miami, Boston looking stronger than ever, Amar'e coming to New York and Carlos Boozer joining Chicago, things won't be any easier for Milwaukee, even with the strong additions. However, now that the Bucks have so much depth and the most talent they've had since the big 3, I'm predicting a fifth place finish in the Eastern Conference as well as a run at 50 wins. Speaking of LeBron, I'll see him at the Bradley Center up close and personal on December 6th, so I'll be losing my 'seeing LeBron live' virginity. I wish you could be as excited as I am. Go Pack, On Wisconsin, and Fear the Deer!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm baa-aaack

I know, I know...it's been awhile. A lot has been keeping me away from the blog lately: my trip to Madison last weekend, the ensuing stomach virus that I at first thought was appendicitis, a ridiculous amount of school work...I hope you can all understand and find it in your hearts to forgive me. Anyway, there's a lot to get to and I know some of this information will be outdated, but I don't give a damn. First, I'll show you who Kyle and I picked for last week's slate of NFL games (I know, not that exciting, but it'll get better, I promise)

Week 6: (DAVE) (KYLE)

Seattle @ CHICAGO (-6.5)
BALTIMORE @ New England (-2.5)
Detroit @ NY GIANTS (-10.5)
ATLANTA @ Philadelphia (-1.5)
San Diego @ ST. LOUIS (+8.5)
New Orleans @ TAMPA BAY (+5.5)
NY JETS @ Denver (+3.5)
Dallas @ MINNESOTA (-1.5)
INDIANAPOLIS @ Washington (-3.5)

This Week/Overall:
Kyle: 7-7/45-45 (4-0-2)
Dave: 6-8/41-49 (0-4-2)

So where to start? Let's go back to Saturday, October 17th, where perhaps the most exciting and fulfilling Wisconsin sporting event in years took place considering the circumstances (If you missed it, read about it here). Not to brag or anything, but I happened to be in attendance. It's hard to describe the atmosphere in Camp Randall on that epic night...so many different things setting the stage for this game. Going up against the number one team in the nation...nationally televised...night game...and almost the entire student section was filled before the game started! I know, right? Needless to say, I almost peed myself with David Gilreath took it to the house on the first play of the game. The Badgers never looked back and as we SHOULD all know by now, won the game 31-18 in what was without a doubt the greatest sporting event I've ever attended. Despite four different announcements from the public address announcer not to storm the field, the student section ignored this request in vintage Wisconsin fashion and flooded the pitch in a matter of seconds. I saw such players as Jacob Pederson and Aaron Henry (who happened to be crying tears of joy) a lot more up close then I planned on seeing them...ever. After about a half hour of that and a failed attempt of about 30 students to take down the field goal post, it was time to celebrate the victory (perhaps part of the reason I almost died this week...totally worth it). Just give me a few seconds to reflect on this night.


Ahhh. Alright.

Meanwhile, 50% of the Green Bay Packers put out about a 50% effort last Sunday at home against the Miami Dolphins, and the result was yet another overtime loss. I believe I've already touched on this, but did you happen to see what occurred after the Packers defense stopped the Dolphins on their first overtime possession? I don't really need to go in depth. A 3 and out and a horrible punt later, Miami had great field position and the Packers were facing an inevitable defeat. That's the last bit of negativity you'll hear out of me about the Packers right now because there is plenty to look forward to and in reality, a lot to be thankful for.

What's that you say? I'm just some pyscho hippie 21-year old college student who doesn't know what he's talking about? That's only partially true. I'll start off small and build up for you fickle minded souls. First of all, what a sweet play by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offense to tie the game up in the 4th quarter with that QB sneak. Rodgers showed once again that he has the ability to be clutch by either tying the game late or taking the lead with too much time left on the clock, but then again, can this really be considered 'clutch'? Gotta lead a game WINNING drive, man. Whoops, sorry, that's probably defined as negativity. Furthermore, the Packers are getting a boatload of players back this week from injury including safety Atari Bigby, cornerback Al Harris and linebacker Clay Matthews. This has got to be a huge relief for all Packer fans as our secondary will finally return to what it looked like early on in the 2009 season and we will finally be able to put out a legitimate pass rush against old man Favre. Granted, it will take a few games for Harris and Bigby to get back into game shape seeing as they've missed a large chunk of playing time, but it can't possibly be worse than throwing out the likes of Charlie Peprah and Jarrett Bush to the dogs. And finally, we're only a game back in the division! We're getting healthier! It's not over, people! Have faith. I don't, but that's no reason for you not to! I do believe that the Packers aren't in that bad of a position, but they have to show me something this week against the Vikings. Otherwise, I fear that it's the Vikings division to lose.

Now please don't fear. I promise to never leave that large of a gap between blog posts for as long as I keep this thing going. And I promise to never go back on that promise. In fact, let's be honest. That last relapse CD was Ehhhhh...whoa. Please excuse me, my inner white person who acts black got out for a second. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I'll be back shortly with a Milwaukee Bucks season preview and of course some mention of the Badgers and Golden Eagles college basketball squads, but I understand that most of you don't care too much about those teams until March for obvious reasons.

I'm peacing out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Black and Blue division? You aren't kiddin!

Well, folks, at least when the Packers lose, they make it as painful as possible for their fans. What fun would it be if we won every game we were supposed to and when we lost, it was by a reasonable margin so that years weren't cut off my life? If life worked that way, our beloved Green and Gold would be the only undefeated team remaining in football. The NFL is so unpredictable, and that's what helps make it the most popular sport to date in America... parity. But if the entire Packers' roster didn't have some sort of injury, things would be going according to plan...I know this for a fact. Anywho, let's delay the inevitable and try to break down the Redskins game with a little optimism and quite possibly some pessimism.

First of all, let me list off the players inactive for last Sunday's match up with the Skins in order of importance to the team's success: RB Ryan Grant*, LB Nick Barnett, CB Al Harris, SS Morgan Burnett*, T Mark Tauscher, DT Johnny Jolly*, SS Atari Bigby, CB Will Blackmon*, LB Brandon Chillar, S Sam Shields, FB Quinn Johnson, DT Justin Harrell (did I miss anyone? Let me know)

*Suspended/Out for the year

Phew...I'm out of breath. Alright, now let's go through the players that were injured during the game: QB Aaron Rodgers, LB Clay Matthews, TE Jermichael Finley, DT Cullen Jenkins, DT Ryan Pickett, TE Donald Lee, S Derrick Martin

Now I literally can't breathe. 19 players. 19!!!!! You hate to make excuses for poor performance, but this is ridiculous. A defensive and offensive coordinator gameplan for a game based on which players will be available. When you have so many key players leave during the game, it's hard to adjust this gameplan. I'm sorry...key players isn't giving this situation enough justice. When you have your THREE BEST PLAYERS leave during the game, you're pretty much f'ed. By the way, isn't it strange that in Rodgers' last two overtime games he's played in, he was face masked AND hit helmet to helmet...and there wasn't a penalty called either time? Interesting. Sorry for jumping around so much here, but this is how my brain functions after so many depressing things occur in the time span of three hours.

As for the actual game, it had an eerily similar start to the first four games of the year, which is a good thing. The Packers certainly don't have a problem jumping out of the gate in full force, and Sunday was no different as the Packers took a 10-0 lead in the first half. Of course by this point, Jermichael Finley had been carted off the field and Donald Lee was out with a shoulder injury after hauling in a TD pass from A-Rodg (honestly didn't even know this guy played anymore...then realized he did after fumbling on the first play from scrimmage). Either way, 10 points seemed like enough to win thanks to the way the defense was playing: lights out. Clay Matthews was all over the place and McNabb was having trouble hitting anybody down field thanks to some solid secondary play. The Packers were up 13-3 in the fourth quarter, and then all of a sudden, Matthews wasn't on the field anymore. At this point, it was almost comedic how many players were unavailable to play...who is our strength and conditions coach? I've never seen anything like this. Still, the lead felt secure even though our offensive had gone into hibernation. Boy, was I wrong.

I think we all know how the rest of this plays out...McNabb hits Armstrong deep for a touchdown...we fail to run out the clock...Washington ties the game with a field goal...Crosby clanks it off the left upright...Overtime...interception...ball game.

It's the same old, same old with this team. Aaron Rodgers just cannot lead a come from behind game winning drive...he can't do it. I love the guy, but I won't feel like he has the capability to do it until he actually does it. The guy we had before Rodgers obviously had his fair share of screw ups, but he was for the most part pretty damn clutch (for the record, very glad we have Rodgers right now so don't get the wrong idea). Speaking of clutch, Mason Crosby. Just kidding. Oh, and one more thing: penalties. Especially on Washington's last drive in overtime. The call on Poppinga was garbage and everyone knows it but how can Chuck possibly argue that pass interference call? He's a game changer, there's no denying that, but he gets away with so much week after week because of his name. Maybe that's why he reacted the way he did, but it was a no-brainer call and the final nail in the coffin for the Green Bay Packers. We REALLY need to take down the Dolphins next Sunday or things could be looking pretty bleak.

In other less depressing news, the Wisconsin Badgers maintained the ax and defeated the Minnesota Golden Gophers 41-23 (analysis can be found at the Badgers Blog on jsonline). It was a nice bounce back victory for the Badgers and very much so needed if we wanted to get any momentum going into the game this Saturday VERSUS OHIO STATE, WHICH IS WHERE I'M GOING TO BE HOLY CRAP I'M SO EXCITED! Sorry. Anyway, the Badgers have failed to put it together for four quarters this year, but then again, a lot of teams can't remain consistent for the entire game. Wisconsin is capable of the upset, but it would take a near flawless performance (and some pretty intense crowd noise...are you listening, Camp Randall?) to knock the Bucks off the top spot. Either way, I'm really looking forward to this one and it's one of the biggest games of the decade for the Badgers. Look for me on TV!

Get healthy Pack and On Wisconsin.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

2 for 1 deal

Here's the deal: I'm going to combine my Brewers' season review post with my NFL picks post for a few reasons. First, I'm doing so unbelievably bad in my picks that I figure it's not even worth explaining why I pick who, so until I figure out the NFL, I'm just going to show mine and Kyle's picks and move on. Second, I can actually talk more about Wisconsin sports instead of analyzing NFL teams. Third, I'm lazy. Really, you should all be pretty thankful because you're getting a helluva deal. NFL Picks AND the Brewers...all in one post? Unheard of. But before we get started, I'd like to take some time to congratulate Kyle for winning our fantasy baseball leagueokay now that that's over, let's get down to business.

Kyle took week 4 by going 7-7 with his picks while I went 6-8 (apparently, the more I learn about each team, the worse I do). That leaves the season standings looking like this:

Kyle: 30-32 overall (2-0-2 by week)
Dave: 28-34 (0-2-2)

Aaaaaaand week 5:


JACKSONVILLE @ Buffalo (+1.5)
St. Louis @ DETROIT (-3.5)
Kansas City @ INDIANAPOLIS (-8.5)
GREEN BAY @ Washington (+2.5)
Chicago @ CAROLINA (+2.5)
Philadelphia @ SAN FRANCISCO (-3.5)
Minnesota @ NY JETS (-4.5)


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to sort of revise my look ahead to the Brewers 2011 season because of a few players that emerged. Also, the search has begun for a new manager after Ken Macha was canned a day after the season ended. Let's face it...the man was a sitting duck for the last couple months of the season, but it was the right move. To be fair, he didn't have C.C. Sabathia or Ben Sheets to work with, but to take over a team that made the playoffs the year before and not even register a winning record in two seasons is unacceptable. There was word that GM Doug Melvin wasn't going to look within the organization for a new manager, and I really really hope this isn't true. There are two very deserving figures in the Brewers organization who I believe have earned a shot to become the full time leader for the Brewers in Dale Sveum and Willie Randolph. I thought Melvin screwed up big time in hiring Macha and if he messes this one up...he's gone. In my mind, I think you either hire Sveum, Randolph, or a guy who doesn't look like he's dead for 162 games. Can't be too hard, can it?

Enough about the coaching situation. Let's get to the men who will be playing on the field next season for the Milwaukee Brewers. I don't have anything to change from my first ever post which pertained to the Brewers' offense. I would like to add that it would be nice to bring back Joe Inglett and Craig Counsell for pinch-hitting purposes, but who knows if either will return. Finding a solidified back-up for Johnny Lucroy is another small issue for next season. I also still think that the Brewers NEED to trade Prince within the next 9 months for some pitching, and if we want to get off to a strong start next season, I'd prefer it happen before game 1 of '11. Speaking of pitching, things were starting to move in the right direction for the hurlers just in time for the end of the season (go figure). Here are some positives to build off from:

-Randy Wolf finished strong to have an overall respectable year (13-12, 4.17 ERA)
-Manny Parra was incredible out of the bullpen (0 ER allowed over last 9 app.)
-Zach Braddock (setup), Kameron Loe (setup), and John Axford (closer) proved they are deserving of their roles.
-Yovani Gallardo was the bona fide ace of the staff (14-7, 3.84 ERA, 200 SO)
-Chris Capuano, Mark Rogers, Mike McClendon and Jeremy Jeffress have all at least earned a shot at making the roster next year.
-Position player Joe Inglett led the team in ERA (0.00)

So where does that leave us? It leaves us very optimistic for the future of all of these guys. It also leaves us with not as many holes as we thought, which was probably the only good thing about being out of the playoff race so early: we got to see what we had within the organization and give some players a chance to prove themselves. Here is my new and improved vision for the Brewers' pitching situation in 2011:

Starters: Gallardo, (Pitcher via trade for Fielder), Wolf, Capuano*, Rogers*
Relievers: Parra, Todd Coffey, Braddock, Loe, (Pitcher via trade for Fielder), Carlos Villanueva, Axford, McClendon
Minor Leagues: Chris Narveson, Mitch Stetter, Marco Estrada, Jeffress, Brandon Kintzler, Chris Smith
Departures: Dave Bush (FA), LaTroy Hawkins (Cut), Trevor Hoffman (FA), Doug Davis (Decline Team Option)

*Minor leagues also possibility depending on free Agent signings/trades

I'm trying to be a little realistic here...will Chris Capuano and Mark Rogers really start the season as the Brewers #4 and #5 starters respectively? Why not? Tell me who else deserves a shot over those guys (assuming we don't sign a free agent or two). Will Jeremy Jeffress start the season in the minor leagues? Probably. But I think he deserves a call-up once the Crew gets a few months into the season. Will the Brewers really receive at least a #3 starter and a legitimate relief pitcher for Fielder? They should (you can see the Free Agents here for other possible pitchers the Brewers can sign instead of getting via trade). So there you have it. My true predictions, and hopes, for what the Brewers 2011 squad will look like on Opening Day.

A few tidbits from the camps of the Packers and Badgers...both LB Nick Barnett (wrist) and Safety Morgan Burnett (ACL) are out for the year. They join RB Ryan Grant on the Injured Reserve...oh boy. A lot of guys are going to have to step up for the Packers now, but it's upsetting to know that this season is horribly affected by injury and could really cost Green Bay a chance at making a deep playoff run. Green Bay plays at Washington tomorrow...the Badgers defeated Minnesota today at Camp Randall by a score of 41-23. Running backs James White and John Clay combined for over 200 yards and 5 TDs. Get ready for Ohio State next week! I'll have more on the game next week.

Go Pack and On Wisconsin.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Been there...sick of that

There is a lot to get to these days concerning Wisconsin sports. The Bucks' season opener is on the horizon, the Brewers' wrapped up another disappointing campaign and the Badgers once again are underachieving when there is pressure to succeed. Of course, I'll soon get to the Bucks' season preview and touch on some pressing issues for the Brewers (INCLUDING KEN MACHA LEAVING!), but I'll mainly focus on football today. This post won't be as long as usual, but that's because I would like to put up another post this week other than my picks post about either the Brew Crew or the Deer. So what would you guys like to hear first...the bad news or the bad news? I know. Not much of a choice.

Just like every other week, you can take a look at my comments on the prior Badger game on the jsonline Badgers blog that I contribute to. I still want to say some things on this blog, however, that may not have been very professional to say there. Can't we all see where this season is heading? The Badgers finished last season strong and had a lot of returning starters...people jump on their bandwagon and project a high ranking and a potential Rose Bowl birth..we lay an egg and end up going 8-4 or 7-5. This season has all the makings of a let down year, especially if Wisconsin can't take care of business at Michigan State, a team that should not beat us. I will point this out: this season has a HUGE asterisk on it because of the injury to Chris Borland. This guy is a stud, and Borland being lost for the season is already taking it's toll...with 7 conference games to go. THE BATTLE OF THE AXE is this week in Madison and hopefully it's a blowout before Ohio State comes rolling into town. I want to say the Badgers win like 40-3, but rivalry games tend to be closer than usual. Still, it should be a win and people should be amped for the Ohio State game (which I will be attending).

Now for the other bad news...the Packers. You may be wondering "wait a minute, Dave, didn't the Packers win last week?" and I would tell you "yes, but we should of lost and we played the Lions." It was kind of scary how easily the Lions moved the ball on us, and if it wasn't for the typical shoot yourself in the foot moments that Detroit has every week, the Packers are probably staring at a 2-2 record right now. Thankfully, Chuck had his break out moment of the year with his impressive dive into the endzone for a pick-six and the D was able to get a key stop late in the game to seal the win. Here's the thing about the Packers defense that really concerns me: teams either get the 3-4 defense...or they don't. The Lions clearly got it, and if it was any other team, 50 points would have been up on that scoreboard for the opponent. Dom Capers NEEDS to make adjustments. Upcoming opponents are going to look at tapes from this game and try to figure out how to pick us apart like Detroit did, and if they do, this season may end up being as disappointing as the Badgers' is shaping up to be. Hate to be so pessimistic, but that's sports for ya.

A few more agonizing events took place in the past few days for the Packers. 1. Randy Moss was traded to division rival Minnesota this morning. 2. Green Bay watched Marshawn Lynch slip through their fingers to Seattle when all we needed to do was hand Buffalo a 4th round draft pick. All this means is that the division race just got a helluva lot tighter and we still have zero running game (don't get me wrong..I love Johnny Kuhn..but he's a fullback). Great.

I'll be back with two more posts later this week. In the meantime, enjoy some playoff baseball and don't study too hard kids.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Because I'm dedicated

Yes, I just had the last birthday of any meaning yesterday, but because I love you people so much, I'm returning to the blog just hours after cheating death. The truth is that it was a stellar 21st and although I'm sad it's over, it's kind of a relief. But enough about me. These NFL games aren't going to pick themselves (well technically...they'll decide themselves tomorrow at least). I think we need to take some time to acknowledge the Milwaukee Brewers first. It only took six months, but the Crew finally figured it out and has won eight of their last ten games and four in a row going into Saturday. It's almost like they were taunting us all year...alright, let's move on to what we've all been waiting for. After Kyle and I both got roughed up last week (6-10), we're looking for revenge on the NFL teams that did us wrong. Even though when I look at my pathetic 22 wins and 26 losses when it comes to picking games, I can always fall back on my cumulative 10-2 fantasy football record in my four different leagues. Sigh...one of these weeks i'll break .500. Week 4:


San Fransisco @ ATLANTA (-6.5)

I'm done putting my faith in the Niners. Atlanta took one from the defending Super Bowl champs in Nawlens, and that's enough for me to take them this week.

NY JETS @ Buffalo (+5.5)

My theory of not picking the away team if they are favored by a lot is walking out the door as I speak. If the Jets can go into Miami and win by 8 over a solid Dolphins team, shouldn't they be able to win by like 20 against the Bills?

Cincinnati @ CLEVELAND (+3.5)

Those pesky Browns keep figuring out a way to stay in ball games, but they can't quite get over the hump. Maybe if they had a competent QB, Cleveland wouldn't be 3-0. I figure I might as well keep taking the points with the Brownies.

Detroit @ GREEN BAY (-14.5)

Once again, I'm taking Green Bay...big surprise there. If the Packers play as angry as I feel about that game last week, they should win by 100. You think I'm kidding.

Denver @ TENNESSEE (-6.5)

There's no rhyme or reason that Tennessee shouldn't cover here. I take that back. Inconsistency.

Seattle @ ST LOUIS (+0.5)

This game will probably end up being entertaining somehow, but not because there are good teams involved. Seattle may go 8-8 and take the NFC West this season by going 8-0 at home and 0-8 on the road. Make it 9-7 if they take this one, which they very well may...I have no clue who takes this one.


I know. Carolina is terrible. The reason I'm taking them is because the Saints haven't really shown me much yet this season. Their biggest margin of victory is five and they dropped to Atlanta last week. Of course, knowing my luck the Saints will break out this week.


I just can't bet against the Steelers until something that happens proves otherwise. Their defense is SOOOOOOOOOOO good.

INDIANAPOLIS @ Jacksonville (+8.5)

Kind of a lot of points for Indy to cover...no, David, take Peyton Manning again. He never let's you down. Okay.


I really don't like picking Oakland...every time I pick them, I lose. But I have my reasons this time. Houston barely beat Washington, a team that got whooped up and down the field in St. Louis last week, and then got beat by Dallas on its home turf. Oakland hangs tough, kind of like Cleveland, so I'll take them...stupid.

Arizona @ SAN DIEGO (-8.5)

The San Diego Chargers: where "slow starts" happen.


This game should be televised in my area after the Packer game. I don't see why it wouldn't be. Gonna be pretty crazy in Philly. By the way...this is pretty similar to the Brett Favre returning to Green Bay scenario. It was Favre's decision to go to the Packers most bitter rival and McNabb also could have signed on somewhere else but chose a division opponent. Come on people. Pardon my French but his ass is getting booed. Hopefully Vick's magic continues into this game.


Let me explain. New York had some fluky things happen last week against the Titans and I'm thinking they don't happen two weeks in a row. Chicago was gift wrapped a victory. I'm thinking that doesn't happen two weeks in a row.

New England @ MIAMI (+0.5)

The Patriots looked really bad again last week. Luckily, they were playing the Bills so they got a free pass. Miami isn't giving out any free passes. They are a good football team and they took a really good Jets team down to wire in week 3 (granted they should win that game if they want to be considered really good). If Miami loses this one, consider them eliminated from the playoffs (my first bold statement of the year!)

After 3 weeks, the official standings:

Kyle: 23-25
Dave: 22-26